International Trade & Overseas Transactions expertise

The past several decades have fundamentally changed the way business has been done. Communication between parties has opened up with the growth of the internet into everyday life. At the same time there have been a growing number of trade agreements being signed, as countries realise the value in trade as opposed to nationalistic self protection.

This has created a growth in international trade and transactions between parties in different jurisdictions. This can often be for smaller sums, payments for services provided electronically, often automated between several parties. It also covers larger amounts, whether it is the purchase or licensing of intangible assets, or the acquisition of physical assets in another location. It all requires experience with interjurisdictional transactions with forethought to all of the factors, including tax implications and the structuring of the parties involved. Stace Hammond has the experienced experts to help you with these matters.

Our experts can assist with, amongst other things:

  • Cross-border Transactions
  • IP Transfer Structuring
  • Licensing
  • Offshore Structuring
  • Onshore Structuring for Offshore Investors
  • Foreign Trusts
  • New Zealand tax implications
  • United States business transactions and structuring