Emerging Technology & Science Law expertise

We live in a world where technology and science are no longer on the fringes of society. We communicate over vast distances, hire services rather than buy products, use technology that just years ago would have seemed far-fetched, and we are becoming almost as likely to tune in to watch a rocket launch as we are to see a sports team play.

With the world changing at an ever increasing pace, the services lawyers provide are changing along with it. Lawyers should be able to understand their clients’ business, their needs, advantages, and potential pitfalls. The breadth of experience required of lawyers has also expanded, as clients are more likely to be operating across jurisdictions, looking for early funding long before a product is viable, licensing ideas rather than owning or selling, or making a profit off handling the intangible assets of others. To get the best legal services, you need lawyers who understand what you do, where you operate, and how to best utilise your market.

We offer these services to our clients. We have staff with a variety of in-depth experience, from science and technology backgrounds to capital raising and angel investment. Our clients have operated in markets across the world, including agritech, AI, biotech, healthtech, data, IT services, digital marketing, social media, and essentially every market in between.