Data Protection & Privacy expertise

The world is now in the data age, where some of the largest companies make a living by handling and interpreting data. Consumers are starting to understand that services such as Facebook are not free, but are instead paid for with personal information. As a result, more legislation is introduced to cover how such data is handled.

With the Privacy Act 2020, the default position in New Zealand requires further data protection. However, most people don’t understand their requirements, and many experts do not believe it goes far enough, leaving many companies at greater risk to outside jurisdictions like the GDPR, and not understanding the risks provided by legislation in other territories that would force our Privacy Act to be breached. Companies need to consult with experts to ensure that they are protected, both against those who would seek to break their security, as well as legally should anyone be successful.

At the same time, the Privacy Act 2020 only covers personal information, and not data held on corporate entities.

We act for a number of companies and, through working with data forensic experts, assist clients in protecting data before it is stolen, or taking action if it already has been. We also advise many of our clients on their obligations around data, while assisting other clients who are heavily involved in the use and trade of data.

Our Data Protection & Privacy Experts