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Here at Stace Hammond we have always believed in being involved, and helping out where we can. That is more true now than ever before.

Our work starts locally, through the Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust, which was founded by Murray Grant.

We also provide legal support for a number of other local and national charitable organisations.

Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust

Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust working with charity The WaterBoy

Stace Hammond has been supporting ecological projects for many years. One of our founders, Hubert Hammond, was an early and significant supporter of Hamilton’s now world-famous gardens. Stace Hammond is still active in looking after our environment, through the Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust

In our 100 year anniversary celebrations in 2012, 10 different schools received ten large native plants each, to enhance their environment and enable a discussion of how important it is for our children’s future. The small Te Poi Country School went on to receive another 50 plants from us to add to their already beautiful native bush.

This lead on to further work in the local region. A generous Hamilton family financed the development of Tauwhare Wetlands. We have facilitated the project and taken an active role in planting, releasing and pest control. A raised path is also being planned to allow year round access to this growing ecology.

As this voluntary community work progressed Murray Grant saw an opportunity to involve disadvantaged young people; who may not have other opportunities for work experience, and support. This has produced a successful synergy, where our youth and our environment both benefit. What started as a way to give back has grown into a multi-year project with a number of young people being involved. With a goal of planting three million natives over 20 years, the Trust’s team are well on the way to assisting with this goal. This was extended further with a project lead by Hayley and Tawera Nikau at the Matahuru Wetlands.

Projects of Note:

Okete Harbour

Tauwhare Wetlands

Matahuru Wetlands

The Trust Evolves…

Thanks to a number of community grants, some of Kaitiakitanga’s youth trust volunteers have been able to take up planting as paid work. As well as learning new skills and helping the local environment, it means that they can help support their families and begin to build their resumes for future employment opportunities.

During the national COVID lockdown in early 2020, the Trust was able to assist with the production and distribution of meat to vulnerable families.

In 2020 the Trust began production, distribution and maintenance of predator traps across tracts of farmland and reserve (for the protection of native plants and wildlife). The project has created employment for a number of youth, with the intent that the traps can be sold to fund further Trust projects.

Stace Hammond staff along with other corporate teams, also get involved with the Trust, spending time working along estuaries and waterways, planting native trees to help combat erosion while enjoying a worthwhile team bonding experience.

Stace Hammond is extremely proud of the growing success of the Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust, and looks forward to seeing how much great work it can do in the environment, and in the lives of disadvantaged youth.

“We nurture nature to nurture ourselves.”

Murray Grant

Kaitiakitanga Charitable Trust