Intellectual Property & Digital expertise

Copyright, trademarks, licensing and other business data are some of the most important business assets. Your brand makes you stand out – you trade on your brand. Your know-how inventions and business systems are what makes you different to other businesses and creates value for you. Your business data is specialty you and can have real value for you and investors.

Our intellectual property team has diverse and in-depth experience and expertise in all facets of intellectual property protection and commercialisation. We will work with you in the creation, protection and commercialisation of your intellectual property to make your business strong, successful and to drive further growth.

We can help you with:

  • Intellectual property commercialisation
  • Copyright, trademarks and licensing
  • Identifying your intellectual property, your rights and it and how to develop protection strategies, marketing and brand advice to better utilise and protect your intellectual property
  • Developing intellectual property ownership and development structures, data protection and commercialisation of these valuable assets
  • Strategies and methods of enforcing your intellectual property rights against anyone who wants to take advantage of them without your agreement
  • Structuring joint ventures and partnerships to add value to in develop and grow your intellectual property, raise funding and carry out asset acquisitions and sales as part of intellectual property commercialisation

We also have experience advising on:

  • IP transfer structuring
  • IP valuation
  • Licensing and IP development agreements
  • Software development and licensing
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Cybersecurity law
  • E-Commerce
  • Information Technology

Our Intellectual Property & Digital Experts