Stace Hammond videos for the AUT X Challenge articles

Stace Hammond, in conjunction with AUT’s X Challenge, are providing these videos to give students some issues to think about when it comes to creating a new business.

Why do I need a lawyer – AUT X Challenge

Shareholders Agreements – AUT X Challenge

Shareholder’s Agreements will be something which most businesses should put in place as they get started, but are often forgotten about or rushed. They create the structure from which those involved will act moving forward, providing protection for each shareholder. They will often contain a number of clauses that will never be used, but you’ll be glad the clauses are there if they ever need to be.

Business Structures – AUT X Challenge

Download the PDF for Business Structures:

Funding Your Business – AUT X Challenge

Intellectual Property – Part 1 – AUT X Challenge

Intellectual Property – Part 2 – AUT X Challenge

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