New Zealand’s Property Market is “Open for Business” states the Minister of Building and Construction articles

In an exclusive presentation hosted by Stace Hammond, Minister of Building and Construction and Minister of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), the Hon Chris Penk, shared various new government initiatives including creating better or new property market investment opportunities in New Zealand.

Highlighting the government’s dedication to improve New Zealand economy, Penk discussed forthcoming government incentives, legislative changes, and regulatory adjustments to attract property investors including de-regulating some of the rules restricting construction or to increase the supply of building materials and the speed in which building consents are approved by local authorities. These endeavours will encourage build of high quality properties  either as a great home or a lucrative investment for both local and overseas purchasers.

Currently, besides New Zealand citizens and residents, only those equivalents from Australia and Singapore are the only nationalities exempted from requiring government consent to purchase residential properties in New Zealand. It is unknown whether the government may open up the country in the near future to encourage further overseas investment. New Zealand banks have just changed their policies to now considering lending to Singaporeans to fund their property purchases in New Zealand. 

These factors, as well as rental yields averaging 5 to 6% per annum and the potential for capital appreciation ranging from 10% to 50%, New Zealand’s property market is never more enticing than right now for Singaporeans to consider when looking at buying investment properties. In particular, Singaporeans should take advantage of the current status of being exempted from needing the government consent (ahead of other countries requiring consent) to get the first dip of securing a piece of the New Zealand property, whether for residential purposes (as residence for their children studying in New Zealand or as a retirement), or for investment.

To further emphasize the importance of Singaporeans striking now to seize the day, Adelina Ong, a partner and property law specialist at Stace Hammond Lawyers, Auckland, will be conducting seminars in Singapore on the 17th, 18th and 19th May. Teaming up with a reputable real estate agency in New Zealand, Adelina will showcase a wide selection of sought-after New Zealand properties to seminar attendees and provide guidance in the legal requirements to invest in New Zealand. With limited spots available, this event promises to be an informative and unique opportunity for Singaporean investors to attend and start their lucrative property investments in New Zealand.

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