Internet & Social Media Law expertise

The Internet is, arguably, one of humankind’s most critical and impactful creations ever. With a humble beginning, to facilitate communication between universities, it has grown into a fundamental part of modern life, often at a pace that governments cannot keep up with.

As a result, it provides an uncharted area of opportunities and risks. Some law firms see this is merely as an extension of commercial law, without realising that this approach could be detrimental to their clients’ needs. Treating the Internet as merely another commercial conduit shows a lack of understanding in how it works or its impact on society.

For commercial enterprises, business is now truly about data, with much of a company’s value not held in land but in the information it holds.

We have significant experience working with most of the world’s largest Internet-based companies, acting for clients who work with them.

With our knowledge of NZ law, the jurisdictional elements of laws applied from numerous jurisdictions, and the technology that it is based on, we have provided our clients with advice that few law firms can match.

For users, the freedom of the Internet can be a dangerous place. We have advised clients in relation to numerous threats that exist online, from bank thefts due to stingray devices, through to the rules around the sending of unsolicited emails.

We are also specialists in acting for clients under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015, having acted on the first civil matter under the Act, as well as advising and appearing for high profile actions brought under the Act. Our partners include a recognised expert in the field, so we can provide you with guidance on how to protect yourself from such harm as well as what to do when it occurs.

We are experts in, amongst other things:

  • Online harm and the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015
  • Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007
  • Electronic Transactions under the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017

Our Internet & Social Media Law Experts