Paul Connolly people


I work on building client engagement to work through legal matters with confidence and trust.  I have wide experience both in New Zealand and for 20 years in Australia covering commercial law, trusts, elder law, businesses, property, workers compensation and personal injury.

I enjoy joining clients on their personal journey, earning their trust and respect and being an integral part of their personal or corporate development. This makes me a go-to component for clients to discuss and develop their commercial and legal affairs.

Practice Areas:

  • Shareholder agreements, corporate structures, asset and share acquisitions and sales
  • Trusts – advising trustees on duties and compliance with Trust deeds and trust law
  • Structuring, managing and operating trusts for trading, investment and planning
  • Estate planning and estate administration
  • Elder law – Occupation rights agreement and property management
  • Property transactions
  • Shareholder disputes and settlements
  • Mergers and acquisitions – company share and business asset acquisitions and disposals

Professional Associations:

  • NZ Animal Law Association
  • NZ China Friendship Association
  • NZ Law Society Fit and Proper Panel