Charities, Not for Profit & Social Enterprises expertise

Charitable organisations, not-for-profits and social enterprises play an essential part of New Zealand society by fostering positive social or environmental impacts and bringing certain communities together.

Like all other organisations, these entities are required to strike a balance between achieving their purposes, preserving the interests of their stakeholders, whilst ensuring that they are acting within the law and are financially stable.

With our experience in acting for entities such as charitable trusts, credit unions and incorporated societies, our services in this area include advising on:

  • The setting up of charitable trusts, charitable companies, incorporated societies and other not-for-profit entities
  • What kind of structure would best suit your needs and purposes
  • Governance including the rights and duties of trustees and board members
  • Commercial and compliance support
  • Implications of fundraising and receiving government grants
  • Relevant tax obligations
  • Impact funds