Kaitiakitanga Trust Update – Native Plant Nursery initiative encourages “future botanists” articles


19 Jul 2021

The Trust’s traplines at Rangitoto Lands allow us to observe the seasonal changes of trees on the boundary of the Northern Pureora Forest and Olivers’ farm. There was a very big fruiting for the local Tawa and Miro trees this year. The Bulled Family, who manage Owawenga Station, have two enterprising future botanists. Lulu (8) and Riley (6) Bulled (pictured) were asked to help two nurseries by supplying fruit for propagation. Kaitiakitanga Trust offered to contribute up to half the price of a top-quality sleeping mat for camping (they do a lot of that and hunting). When it came time to get the fruit Murray Grant was gobsmacked to see they had collected 22 kilograms of Tawa fruit. The price they received is “commercially sensitive” but we can share that they got the mats and some money towards their education. 

Read here for Kaitiakitanga Trust’s July Newsletter.

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