Arran Hunt people


My practice is one where I deal daily with issues that touch my clients at very personal levels.  Issues of immigration and technology are changing rapidly and I take a deliberately distinct approach that best meet my clients’ needs.  I am a firm proponent of the approach through negotiation to find a compromise that suits my clients’ needs without them having to carry a burden of formal court action.  My client base ranges from individuals to large technology-based companies and industry groups.

I am a champion for safe online use, and work closely to lobby regulatory bodies to formalise ways that allow everyone to feel safe online, including close revision of statutes such as the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015.  I feel strongly that laws around the ever-evolving technological challenges that society faces need to be robust and fit for purpose.

I specialise also in immigration, and work closely with clients on immigration matters, particularly complex areas of immigration law.  Immigration issues have never been more complex than at present. I have experience in handling appeals to the Immigration Protection Tribunal and have achieved significant positive results for my clients on this front.

I work hard to inform on the technology and immigration fronts, including publishing articles, presenting seminars and doing regular informational videos.

Practice Areas:

  • Technology
  • Social Media and Online Harassment
  • Franchise
  • Business/Corporate
  • Immigration

Professional Associations:

  • Board of Dignity Freedom Network New Zealand
  • New Zealand Law Society – Interview Panel – Practice on Own Account
  • Auckland District Law Society – Technology & Law Committee
  • NZTech Alliance
  • AI Forum
  • New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment
  • Internet NZ